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Types of materials we use for flooring installation

High-quality wooden floors installation and repair can only be done by experienced specialists who have perfectly mastered the technology of installing floors in residential and other premises.

The complexity of such work may be due to the age of the floor and the fragility of its materials. Prices for work in our company are affordable for average citizens. We can perform a complete or partial floor replacement, leveling and installation in a new room from scratch. The main materials that we use for installing wooden floors are hardwood, laminate and vinyl.

The raw material for the hardwood is natural wood. In addition to its attractive appearance and environmental friendliness, parquet has the following advantages:

  • Heat capacity;
  • High level of noise isolation;
  • Significant mechanical resistance — both in terms of dynamic pressure and impacts from falling objects;

Laminate is also one of the most popular floor coverings due to its wide design possibilities, quick assembly, durability and low cost. It also has the following benefits:

  • Huge assortment of shades;
  • Huge assortment of shades;
  • Easy care.

Vinyl is a multi-layer type of flooring material. Due to this, this material is distinguished by high wear resistance and a number of other advantages:

  • Moisture resistance. Vinyl does not allow moisture to pass through at all, and if it accumulates on the surface, it is not damaged in any way;
  • Simple installation. Perhaps vinyl is the easiest material to install the floor;
  • Easy maintenance. Such a floor does not suffer from wet cleaning using special detergents;
  • Huge durability;
  • Pleasant feeling when walking on vinyl floor. Although this material is fully synthetic, it is very pleasant to walk on.
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