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Hardwood flooring installation Hardwood is characterized by increased wear resistance, durability, environmental friendliness, ease of maintenance and long service life. They also have a reduced thermal conductivity, due to which they retain heat better. Hardwood flooring installation Hardwood flooring installation hover
Laminate flooring installation Laminate have the following advantages: affordable cost, a large selection of colors and textures, ease of installation, no additional processing is required, high wear resistance, good noise insulation properties, long service life, environmental friendliness. Laminate flooring installation Laminate flooring installation hover
Vinyl flooring installation The advantages of a vinyl covering include high strength and resistance to abrasion, resistance to appearance of marks and scratches, moisture resistance, biological resistance, unpretentious care, ease of installation. Vinyl flooring installation Vinyl flooring installation hover
Floor repair We provide services for the repair of parquet coverings. We remove scratches, scuffs and holes. We make the replacement of both individual areas (parquet) and complete replacement of the covering (laminate, vinyl). Floor repair Floor repair hover
Stairs installation We install steps with and without nosing. We cover the stairs with hardwood and laminate. Our company work with almost all types of wood: oak, maple, cherry, pine, bamboo, birch, ash, etc. Stairs installation Stairs installation hover
Hardwood floor refinishing We restore scratched and abraded hardwood coverings with final treatment with the following materials: oil based polyurethane, water based finish. Hardwood floor refinishing Hardwood floor refinishing hover
Only a competent and responsible approach to choosing a contractor guarantees the perfect quality of the flooring. Our company invites natural and legal persons to cooperation. Every satisfied client, every positive feedback is a high assessment of our work. The geography of the company's activities extends to Cape Cod County in Massachusetts, USA. If you want to decorate the interior of your house with a wooden floor, you need to install hardwood, laminate, vinyl, need a wooden staircase or flooring repairing at an affordable price, you have come to the right place.

Repair, installation of wooden floors and stairs

For 10 years, the company's specialists have been working in the field of installation and repair of floor coverings, we closely monitor and implement innovative technologies and constantly improve our professional skills. The company is permanently developing and striving for excellence. Narrow specialization and deep immersion in the chosen direction – flooring installation and repairing hardwood, laminate, vinyl floors - allowed us to become professionals in the field of wooden floors and structures. We offer our clients a wide range of services, each of which will be performed in the most responsible and professional way.

Hardwood installation by Flooring Wizards

The mission of our company is to provide the client with a comprehensive service, the fulfillment of each request is based on modern technologies, environmental friendliness and wear resistance of materials. We are ready to offer a solution that matches the operational characteristics of the premises and the personal preferences of the customer. To install hardwood, we use a large arsenal of tools necessary to determine the residual moisture and strength of the screed, as well as to laying parquet board in different ways. Important! If necessary, we lay the parquet on heated floors. You can also order a floor repairing - a great alternative to a complete replacement of the floor covering. Hardwood is durable, environmentally friendly, perfectly accumulates heat, looks aesthetically pleasing and decorates the interior.

Installing laminate flooring by a professional contractor

In order for the laminate to serve for a long time and please with an impeccable look, laying must be carried out on a flat floor, irregularities, even 2 mm, are not allowed. In addition, contact of the laminate with moisture is not desirable, therefore it is chosen for dry rooms. To prevent swelling and deformation of the covering, it is necessary to provide waterproofing of the floor. Important! Before installing, the laminate must lie in the room where the work will be carried out for several days. So the material gets used to the room microclimate and is easier to handle. The specialists of our company will select for you the optimal way and direction of laying the laminate (the light should pass along the seams between the panels, so there is a feeling of the integrity of the floor). The characteristic advantages of laminate flooring are low cost, rich color range, does not require additional processing, stability, good sound insulation qualities, environmental friendliness.

Vinyl flooring installation

Vinyl is a fairly new product, the installation process is quite complicated, it requires certain skills and tools. Our experts work with adhesive and lock vinyl. The first option is rectangular and polygonal vinyl tiles, fixed with glue. The second option is rectangles that imitate hardwood or ceramics. The vinyl elements are fixed to each other by means of special locks (the technology resembles the laying of laminate). The advantages of a vinyl floor are excellent strength, resistance to mechanical stress and abrasion, scratches, moisture resistance, unpretentiousness, easy installation, affordable repair.

Floor repairing

We work with wooden flooring from different materials - parquet, laminate, vinyl, we accept orders of any complexity. We can easily remove scuffs, scratches, chips, holes. Depending on the extent of the damage, the repair will require the replacement of individual elements or the entire flooring. In case with hardwood floor separate parts of covering can be repaired, but laminate and vinyl floor must be completely replaced. Among the most demanded services are hardwood refinishing.

Wooden stairs installation

If you want to give the room originality, comfort and unique style, the best solution is to install a staircase. Of course, if the area and ceiling height allows. If you want to give the room originality, comfort and unique style, the best solution is to install a staircase. Of course, if the area and ceiling height allows.

Floor restoration

Scratches and scuffs are not a reason to change your flooring. Our company has the necessary arsenal of tools for the restoration of floors made of different materials. Various professional materials are used for processing - oil based polyurethane, water based finish. After restoration work, the floor made any material will look well-groomed, stylish and will last for many years.
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