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«Flooring Wizards» company provides hardwood flooring installation services in Cape Cod County. We have been working in this field for over 10 years. The company employs only experienced and qualified specialists. In our work, we are completely customer-oriented. High assessment of our work by the customer is the main indicator of its quality.

In our work, we use only high-quality materials from trusted suppliers, with whom we have been cooperating for many years and who have established themselves as reliable partners.

Our portfolio

We invite you to familiarize yourself with examples of our work on the installation of parquet flooring from various types of wood and in different types of premises, both private and commercial.

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Laminate Installation-1

Hardwood installation prices

Service Unit Price from...
Laying parquet boards (in the "lock") with a substrate SQ FT $ 2
Laying parquet boards (solid wood) on glue SQ FT $ 2,5

The table above shows approximate prices. The final cost cannot be calculated over the phone, an accurate calculation can only be made by a professional measurer on the spot. With us you can order a visit of a measurement specialist for free.

Hardwood flooring installation price per square foot depends on the following factors:

  • •  The condition of the old coating. At first it is necessary to remove the old floor and prepare the base for laying the board;
  • •  Floor geometry. In rooms in which not all corners are straight or the floor is circular, the process of installing the coating becomes more complicated;
  • •  Laying method: straight, diagonally, with decorative inserts, with a pattern, etc .;
  • •  Material type. The cost of hardwood depends on the brand, production and type of wood (oak, maple, cherry, pine, bamboo, birch, ash, etc.);
  • •  The area and shape of the room. The presence of fillets and oblique corners in the room complicates the installation process.

How do we work?



We consult by phone and orientate at an approximate price;



The measurer goes to the place, inspects it, makes calculations and orientates at the exact cost;


Contract conclusion

Contract conclusion


carrying out works

Installation specialists are dispatched to the spot, the work is carried out efficiently and on time;


acceptance of the result

The customer checks the result and signs the certificate of completion.

Preparatory work before hardwood laying

It is desirable that:

Hardwood flooring installation step 1

A suitable microclimate was created in the room: temperature within 18-24 ° C, humidity not higher than 65%

Hardwood flooring installation step 1

All rough work and wet cleaning were carried out

Hardwood flooring installation step 1

The installation material lay in the room for 2-7 days in order to adapt to its conditions as much as possible

Hardwood flooring installation step 1

Check that the sub-floor is smooth within a maximum tolerance of 0.78 inches by 6.56 feet

Hardwood laying methods

The method of fixing the boards is one of the main factors affecting the price. Covering can be installed on a concrete and on a wooden base in two the following ways:

Hardwood flooring installation step 2

In lock

The boards are fixed to each other through special spikes and grooves in the edges (locking joints). Laying is carried out on a substrate of special plywood sheets, before installation of which a waterproofing material is laid on the base.

Hardwood flooring installation step 2

On the glue

Hardwood boards are attached to the plywood base using special glue (sometimes they are additionally fixed with nails). It is considered more expensive, but, at the same time, more durable installation method.

Covering laying order

Hardwood flooring installation step 3

Sub-floor preparation

Hardwood flooring installation step 3

Flooring waterproofing

Hardwood flooring installation step 3

Installation of plywood backing

Hardwood flooring installation step 3

Floor laying

Hardwood advantages

Hardwood flooring installation step 4

Wear resistance

With proper installation, a parquet board can last up to 100 ye

Hardwood flooring installation step 4

The possibility of recovery

Unlike laminate and vinyl, hardwood is subject to repeated grin

Hardwood flooring installation step 4

Environmental friendliness

The board is made of natural wood without harmful impurities, t

Hardwood flooring installation step 4


A large amount of dust does not accumulate on the surface of th

Hardwood flooring installation step 4

Sound and heat insulation

Parquet perfectly blocks extraneous sounds and retains heat wel

Hardwood flooring installation step 4

Low slip

Even the lacquered surface has a high coefficient of friction,

Hardwood flooring installation step 4


Hardwood is characterized by a wide choice of laying methods, a

Hardwood flooring installation step 4

Rectangle 3

Hardwood can be installed both in private residential premises

Order hardwood installation

You can leave a request for the services in the following ways:

  • • by phone +1(774)368-3134;
  • • by email to floorwizzzard@gmail.com;
  • • through any contact form on the website.

Our specialist will contact you as soon as possible to clarify the details of the application, advise you on all issues of interest and guide you on the approximate cost of installing hardwood flooring.

We also provide services for the installation of laminate, vinyl and stairs from the materials described earlier.

Contact us at any convenient time — we are always in touch!

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