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Our company is trusted local hardwood flooring refinisher in Cape Cod. We provide services for all types of repair work for parquet floors (we do not service laminate and vinyl). During this time, we had to deal with almost all the nuances and pitfalls in this area and gained experience allows us to guarantee that any of our work will be done efficiently and on time.

After restoration, the floor covering not only acquires an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also improves its performance properties, which contributes to its longer life.

We provide professional refinishing services for parquet flooring, including engineered coverings, from all types of materials: oak, cherry, ash, maple, birch, bamboo, etc.


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Hardwood floor refinishing
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When you may need to restain your hardwood floors?

Old wood floor refinishing services may be needed in the following cases:

Surface burnout
Surface burnout
The appearance of abrasions and scratches
The appearance of abrasions and scratches
The appearance of stains and traces from heavy furniture and burns
The appearance of stains and traces from heavy furniture and burns
Damage to the coating by fungus or various insects
Damage to the coating by fungus or various insects
The appearance of chipped cracks
The appearance of chipped cracks
Presence of swelling and deformation
Presence of swelling and deformation
The appearance of gaps between the dies, etc
The appearance of gaps between the dies, etc

Most common defects which demands hardwood floor refinishing

  • Scratches and abrasions. Most often, mechanical damage occurs when the rules for the operation of the flooring are violated and, as a rule, are associated with the movement of furniture and other attributes of the interior. In this case, the old layer of varnish is removed by sanding, the floor is newly varnished and covered with special protective oils. If the damage is too deep, individual planks must be replaced;
  • Cracks and chips. This flaw, as a rule, appears when the wood dries. Repair is carried out by filling;
  • Creaks. If the hardwood creaks, this indicates either a violation of its laying technology, or an increased level of humidity in the room. In such a situation, the most suitable color planks are selected and the damaged ones are replaced by them;
  • Spots. Spilled drinks, waste products of pets, as well as burns due to coals from fireplaces or hookahs falling on the floor are often the reason for the appearance of traces. The repair method depends on the complexity of the damage;
  • Looseness of the dies. Occurs when the usual temperature in the room is higher than normal, while temperature changes occur very often and quickly.

Types of floor refinishing

Maintenance work

Maintenance work

It is carried out in the form of preventive measures at regular intervals. The current renovation is aimed at maintaining the "fresh" appearance of the floor. Its regular implementation allows you to extend the life of the floor covering for an indefinite period.

Medium renovation

Medium renovation

It is carried out in cases of the appearance of obvious defects: spots, tarnishing, mechanical damage and holes, swelling, squeak, mobility of some planks and etc. Includes replacement or restoration of individual boards.

Major overhaul

Major overhaul

More often it is resorted to after the expiration of the warranty period of the covering, as well as in cases where the cost of refinishing the floor exceeds the cost of a new hardwood flooring installation.



We consult by phone and announce the approximate price of the service.


We send a specialist to carry out measurements, consultations on the spot and calculate the exact cost of hardwood floor restoration;


We negotiate the details of the order, if the customer is satisfied with everything, we draw up and sign a contract.


The customer pays 30% of the contract amount, for which we buy all the necessary materials.


Specialists come to the site with all the necessary equipment and carry out work in accordance with the stated requirements.


The customer checks the result, signs the acceptance certificate and makes the rest of the payment.

Our flooring company advantages

Flooring Favorable payment terms

Favorable payment terms

You make a 30% deposit for the purchase of materials, and pay the rest after the end of the work.


Fixed price

The cost for wood floor refinishing set after the measurement and indicated in the contract remains fixed until the service is provided.

Flooring Quality

Quality control

We cooperate only with trusted suppliers of materials, at each stage of the works we control their compliance with the established standards.


Purchase and delivery of materials

We purchase materials necessary for work taking into account the wishes of the client and deliver them ourselves.


Cleanliness and tidiness

At the end of all hardwood floor refinishing works, we remove all industrial waste and take it out on our own.



We care about your and our health, so we use personal protective equipment in the process.

How to order a hardwood flooring refinishing?

You can leave a request in any way convenient for you: call +1(774)368-3134, by mail to floorwizzzard@gmail.com, through any contact form on the website. Our
specialist will advise you on any question of interest. On site, a consultant will always help you choose the most suitable solutions regarding floor redoing for you,
taking into account your personal preferences, budget and other factors.

Contact us — we are always in touch. We will do it exactly the way you want!


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