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«Flooring Wizards» company is a trusted local vinyl flooring installer with over 10 years of experience. In our work, we are maximally client-oriented and try to take into account all the wishes of the customer so that the result fully meets his expectations. We provide vinyl flooring installation, parquet and laminate laying services in Cape Cod. We have all the relevant competencies in this area and can confidently say that we know everything about floors.

Laying vinyl allows you to get a floor that is resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. It perfectly withstands changes of temperature and humidity levels. Vinyl is unpretentious in maintenance, compatible with underfloor heating systems, does not require additional spending on expensive accompanying materials.

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Vinyl flooring installation cost per square foot

Service Unit Price from...
Vynil installation sq ft $ 2

The final cost of installing vinyl flooring per square foot depends on the type of material, the laying method and the set of preparatory work.

Vinyl flooring types

Luxury vinyl tile and plank (LVT and LVP)

It is the most popular vinyl flooring type on the market. Recently, the consumer properties of LVT have undergone a number of qualitative
improvements, in particular, they have become more pleasant to the touch and more resistant to scratches and mechanical damage. The structure
and appearance is closest to the laminate. It simulates wood and tiles as accurately as possible.

Advantages of LVT over laminate: no phthalates; no plasticizers harmful to health; no harmful additives; increased environmental friendliness; approved for use in medical and educational institutions; does not fade in
the sun; does not give a smell; does not rot; easy to clean.


SPC represent the newest and most advanced generation of vinyl flooring. The basis of the coating is a monolithic slab with a density of 2000 kg / m3.

Advantages: warm floor with heating up to 40 °С; uninterrupted laying up to 100M2; a wide range of acceptable bases (concrete screeds, wood, old
tiles, linoleum).

Disadvantages: on models that do not have their own backing, its additional installation is required, since the abrasive caught under the surface of the coating during installation can provoke floorboards creaking; installation type only castle.


WPC is similar in structure to SPC, but due to the fact that wood flour and foaming agent prevail in its basis, this type of coating is less stable. This requires the inclusion of an additional PVC layer and result is a structure as complex as that of quartz vinyl.

SPC advantages: not demanding about the subfloor; no backing required.

Disadvantages: only lock-type installation; there is a heating limit.

Methods of installing vinyl planks and tiles


To the castle

Laying is carried out on a screed or self-leveling floor. The substrate must be even and dry. The screed must first be primed. You can start installation no earlier than a day after that. No backing or glue required. The planks are connected to each other using a special lock connection. Typical drawing: straight deck, angled, chaotic or offset. During operation, part of the strips can be easily dismantled and replaced with new ones.


On glue

This method requires professional skills. The floor surface must be flat, smooth, clean, dust-free with priming, free of cracks and flaws. Planks are glued to the floor according to the markings using a special PVA-based glue.


With adhesive tape

This method allows vinyl laminate to be installed on flat subfloors, including ceramic tiles or linoleum. The adhesive on the back of the die is protected with special paper, which is removed immediately before gluing. Do not allow dirt to get on the sticky part, so as not to reduce the adhesion of the glue. It is important to control the tight fit of the planks to the surface without air bubbles. This can be achieved by using a stitching roller.

Laying the vinyl flooring on the underfloor heating system is carried out no earlier than a month after its installation. The system itself should be turned off one week before work. The room temperature should be at least 15 °C. It is imperative to leave a temperature gap between the coating and the wall, which will later be covered with a plinth. The heating can be turned on 10 days after installing the covering, increasing the temperature by 1 degree daily. The maximum allowable temperature is 25 °C.

Vinyl benefits

Moisture resistance

This material is perfectly resistant moisture, does not deform under its influence, so vinyl flooring installation is allowed in the bathroom and other rooms with high humidity.

Wear resistance

The upper polyurethane layer of the plank protects it from abrasion, scratches, damage and burnout, so that the floor retains its original appearance for a long time. The service life of vinyl, depending on the class and intensity of use, up to 20-25 years

Strength and resilience

Vinyl combines rigidity and elasticity at the same time. When walking on a vinyl floor, it bounces slightly without leaving any dents. Furniture and heavy furnishings also leave no marks.

Resistant to deformation

Vinyl retains dimensional stability well under all indoor conditions.

Noise reduction

The surface of the vinyl is much softer than that of hardwood and laminate, so it absorbs extraneous noises much better, which gives additional acoustic comfort for both the homeowner and his neighbors.

Impact resistance

The fall of even heavy objects does not cause deformations on the floor surface.

Heat capacity

The vinyl covering acts as a heater, it does not let the cold through from the concrete floor screed and prevents it from leaving the room. On such a floor, you can safely walk barefoot and be calm for the children when they play on it.

Resistant to temperature extremes

This makes it perfect for heated floors.

Slip resistance

Vinyl flooring has good anti-slip properties, which is especially important if there are children or the elderly in the house.


Vinyl flooring is made from recyclable raw materials and does not emit harmful compounds. Before purchasing the material, it is recommended to check the availability of environmental certificates with the seller. With proper hygienic care, vinyl can’t develop microorganisms harmful to humans, so it is great for people with allergies

Easy to care for

Vinyl floors do not attract dust, so regular damp mopping is sufficient to keep them clean. Never mind if you spill coffee or wine on it, any dirt is perfectly removed by any neutral cleaning agen.


Vinyl does not accumulate static electricity and does not “electrocute”, therefore it is suitable for use in offices, shops and other public areas.

Company advantages


Favorable payment terms

30% deposit before the start of work + the rest at the end and agreement of the result.


Fixed cost

The price calculated during the measurement for the installation of vinyl flooring remains unchanged until the order is completed. We work under a contract without unnecessary extra charges.


Free measurement

A specialist goes to the site and advises on all inquiries of interest for free.


Material delivery

We buy and deliver the material to the installation site by ourselves using our own transport.



We cooperate exclusively with trusted and reliable suppliers, we carry out careful quality control of the work performed after their completion.


Cleanliness and tidiness

After ourselves, we leave the perfect order, we take out all the construction waste by ourselves.



We care about your and our health, so we use personal protective equipment in the process.


Affordable prices

We offer very affordable prices for vinyl flooring installation from $2 per square foot. The same prices are relevant for hardwood and laminate.

How to order a laminate flooring installation?



You leave a request in any way convenient for you: phone, mail, contact form on the web-site.


Departure of the measurer

A specialist travels free of charge for measurement and advises on all issues of interest.



We negotiate the terms and draw up a contract indicating the exact cost of vinyl flooring installation works.


Carrying out works and their acceptance

After the service is provided, the client checks the compliance of the result with the agreed requirements and, if everything is fine, makes the remainder of the payment.

How to make an order?

Our company is a reliable vinyl flooring installation contractor. We provide a 12 month warranty for all types of provided services. We will always help you to choose
the most suitable solution for you, taking into account the existing nuances: available budget, type of premises, additional conditions, etc.
You can contact us and get advice by calling +1(774)368-3134. With us your floor will serve for many years!


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